The Nutcracker Tickets

The Nutcracker Tickets

The Nutcracker 2022 Tickets

Every New Year, the question of whether the Nutcracker is the best dance in the US remains more and more open to discussion. Another question is that either Nutcracker is the best dance or Ballet Florida"s Nutcracker is at the top? It is hard to imagine that another Nutcracker can be so brilliantly produce anywhere in the world.

The original Nutcracker (Russian) is fairy tale-ballet in two acts and 3 scenes composed in 1891-92 by Pyoter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Then the adoption of story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was made by E.T.A.

Hoffman was responsible for the music which was commissioned by Imperial Theater Ivan Vsevolozhsky in 1891.In most of the western countries, this is the most popular dance, performed mostly around the charismas time every year.

The musician made a good assortment of 8 or more well-liked numbers from the dance before the ballet"s December 1892 premier, forming The Nutcracker Suite, Op. Musical Society in St. Petersburg branch was the first place where it was performed at an assembly.

However, the dance did not get popularity until around the 1960. Another important point which was the inclusion of the celesta, an instrument that composer had used earlier in his much lesser known simple balled The Voyevode first opened in 1891.

What makes it so successful is the glamour, beautiful princess and handsome virile Princes have created a potent magic around ETA Hoffman"s 1816 children"s fairy story, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

Hoffman"s rites of passage tale is now one of the world"s favorite theatre in the US and Europe. Yet it was conceived and gestated in the heart and soul of a man wrenched apart by addiction to nicotine, alcohol and, with almost certain fatal consequences, beautiful young men.

The Nutcracker reached to Western Europe in 1930s while reaching the US it takes 10 more years to get a status of well known ballet. Another notable thing is the truth that the first American full length Nutcracker was performed by the San Francisco Ballet, choreographed by W. Christensen. Since then The Nutcracker has become a yearly Holiday tradition.

At some stage in holiday time of year, an estimated 500,000 parents and offspring will congregate to see over half a dozen different versions of Nutcracker across the country. Whether it is Matthew Bourne"s offensive finger licking" Sweetie land, English National Ballet"s entertaining knockabout or the Royal Ballet"s inspiring established values, we Brits just cannot wait for our annual dose of all that is sweet and downy. But the sugar induced high does not stop there.

Administrative director of the Royel Ballet Anthony Russel- Roberts who is living at Covent Garden"s Royal Opera House has said that the Nutcracker does much more than underpin the budget. It should be a story of magic and majesty. He added that "Christmas is a time when families are together and the tree is the focal point. I sincerely believe that our vast on stage tree adds to the spiritual element of the audience"s delight at this time of the year, whatever the beliefs may be."

And even the troubled brilliance Tchaikovsky would not argue with that, he further clarified. Another popular view is forwarded by producer and choreographer, Gillian Lynne who first danced the Nutcracker at 15 years old during World War II with the Molly Lake Ballet Guild.

She went on to choreograph West End blockbuster hits Cats (1981), Phantom of the Opera (1986), and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2002). "Nutcracker"s not just ballet, its good theatre, too," she says. "It"s the pantomime element that"s an answer to parents searching for somewhere to take the kids at Christmas. There are all sorts of funny people, clowns, snowflakes and the best thing is that glorious music."

He further says that, The Nutcracker is a dancer"s ballet with challenges in every panorama. The role of Sugar Plum Fairy was performed outstandingly by Romanian-born Royal Ballet star, Alina Cojocaru, 26. At the age of just 19 she created a Royal Ballet principal dancer; Christmas and the Nutcracker occupy a special place in her heart.

She has so much to say about her performance and commitment. "Sugar Plum Fairy represents the joy of dance. When I was little in Bucharest, at Christmas I would creep out of bed when everyone was asleep "" she stated. "I would turn on the tree lights and just stand and look intently all night.

When I do the Sugar Plum duet with the Prince at the end of the ballet, Tchaikovsky"s music just carries me away. I feel again the joy, excitement and happiness that I experienced as a little girl back home." She further explained. So, I humbly suggest that another charisma is near and you must enjoy The Nutcracker anyway.

Nutcracker is a two act Ballet which can be traced back to more than a century ago. The ballet premiered in 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg. It still exists on stage because of the strong plot, the continuous innovation and the everlasting demand by the Ballet lovers. It was originally choreographed by Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa. The credits for the composition go to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, whose other successful works include Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.

The Nutcracker Ballet is a reflection of 'The Nutcracker and the King of Mice' which was written by E. T. A. Hoffman. The story has been changed to some extent but the original plot is still the same. It revolves around a young girl from Germany who dreams about a Nutcracker Prince and fights with a Mouse King having seven heads. Marius Petipa has performed brilliantly, adding a lot of life to the character. Nutcracker has enjoyed great popularity all over the world and has been produced by countless Ballet Companies throughout the world. The Ballet is now seen in different countries and has received various awards.

If you want to enjoy the preserved essence of the true historical Ballet, then you are advised to watch this amazing piece of work. The Nutcracker tickets are demanded all round the year, grab your tickets soon and enjoy this brilliant show live on stage!

The world knows The Nutcracker as a timeless ballet that came and became the most widely and frequently performed ballet act the world over. With more than a century of fame and success, this exemplary ballet displays the highest standards in classic ballet. Based on E.T.A. Hoffman's tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King's adaptation, the ballet tells a gripping tale in Peter Tchaikovsky's composition. The legendary choreographer Marius Petipa gave it finishing touches and The Nutcracker became known and accepted in the public and critic circle after a George Balanchine, too it in his hands.

The 1954 production personified the greatest ballet emitting magic of intrinsic dance moves that captivate audiences even today. Every move narrates the story of Clara and her enchanted Christmas eve gift The Nutcracker. It becomes her most prized possession, and companion in sleep. In her dream, Clara saves The Nutcracker from a giant king mouse and wins a magical journey. A prince who is The Nutcracker in disguise visits the sweetest Land of Sweets together. Here Sugar Plum fairy invites all to a festive night of dance and rewards Clara for her bravery and courage. Dances from Spanish fandango to Arabian belly, from Mandarin tea dance to Russian Trepakare presented in an extravaganza where the highlight is a lighter than air dance by the Sugar Plum Fairy leading to a farewell bid.

The Nutcracker has enthralled audiences and critics alike for more than hundred years. The Nutcracker Tickets offer the same thrill that binds all ballet lovers to this legendary classic act of ballet.

The famous kid's story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King was originally written by E. T. A. Hoffmann (1816). Later Alexandre Dumas' adaptation of the story became as a musical by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It became as one of the most popular ballet performed around Christmas time. The story of Nutcracker has been published in so many books including colorful children's versions. The plot focuses on the heroine of the story a blonde German girl named Clara Stahlbaum.

The tale starts with a Christmas party in Clara's house. Whole family Clara, her little brother Fritz their parents all are celebrating Christmas with friends and relatives. Then the mysterious godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer enters the party. He brings gifts for all the children in a large bag. Kids are really happy to get the gifts. Every kid gets a gift but Clara is the only one who didn't receive a gift, she feels really sad.

Then the godfather Herr Drosselmeyer produces three life-sized dolls, each doll dance in turn. Everyone is entertained to see the dance of these life-size dolls, when the dances finishes. Clara goes to her godfather hoping to get a gift. Drosselmeyer's bag is empty and he has no gifts left. Clara races towards her mother in a fit of tears. Seeing Clara in tears, Drosselmeyer conjures up a special gift for Clara that is a Nutcracker. Clara is suddenly so happy but on seeing the Nutcracker her brother Fritz becomes so jealous that he tries to snatch it from her and as a result it breaks.

Clara gets really mad and upset but thanks to the godfather who fixes the toy before returning it to Clara. Finally the party ends all the kids are happy including Clara. All family members go to bed. But Clara is just concerned about her Nutcracker. Clara falls in love with the gift her godfather gave her she instead of sleeping comes out to the huge Christmas tree to see her gift. She is tired and falls asleep there holding Nutcracker in her arms and from here comes another turn in the story. The magic is going to be started now. As the clock strikes at midnight. Clara is transported in to a Christmas fancy magical land.

Here her Nutcracker grows to the size of a human. She hears a mice voice, tries to run but the mouse stops her. It's a big mouse, the Mouse King, he tries to attack Clara but the Nutcracker tries to defend young Clara heroically along with his band of soldiers. Mouse King orders his mice to battle with Nutcracker and his band. Nutcracker fights courageously but he is struck down a twist comes in the story when Clara throws her slipper helping Nutcracker who seeing the opportunity stabs the Mouse king and he dies.

The army of mice flees taking their dead leader along with them. But the sad part is that Nutcracker also dies. But amazingly Clara's tears bring her hero Nutcracker back to life again. Clara runs to Nutcracker and they kiss, the kiss transforms Nutcracker in to a human-a prince charming. They both dance and Prince takes Clara to Enchanted Forest. There they see snowflakes dancing for them. After this they travel to the Kingdom of the Sweets. They are greeted here in the Kingdom of sweets by the beautiful queen in this Enchanted Forest.

The couple is mesmerized by the beauty of the queen she asks them to stay with her for a while. Clara and Prince watch the alluring dance of the inhabitants of the kingdom before them. They are so excited and happy to see it. After the dance finishes Prince and Clara travel home in a beautiful magical sleigh that is made of ice and candy.

When Christmas morning rises, Clara is seen waking up under the Christmas tree still holding her new gift Nutcracker in her arms. The story is beautifully and very successfully staged with wonderful scenes, imagery and special effects that will not let you lose your grip on the magic of the show. Not even for a split second it seems like a show. Audience becomes a part of the journey feeling with the characters. .

The characters are really good at their work. The dance performances and the songs couldn't be better than this. The costumes especially the costumes of the enchanted forest queen, snowflakes and the inhabitants of the enchanted forest are out of this world. This show is definitely a treat for eyes as well as ears.

Make this Christmas season warmer with the heartwarming story of The Nutcracker that has become a holiday favorite. During the festive season different productions come up with their version of The Nutcracker and the annual production shows are packed affairs. Group of talented dancers and musicians bring Nutcracker to life on stage with their exquisite dancing, elaborate sets and Tchaikovsky’s popular score that is played live. The Nutcracker score written by Tchaikovsky in 1891 is the main attraction of the timeless classic that has entertained generations. The endearing story about an enchanting winter wonder world, the evil mouse, toy soldiers and fun-filled adventure makes the festive ballet a perfect Christmas treat for children. Brighten up your Christmas and make some fond memories with your family by purchasing The Nutcracker tickets. The family show continues all through the fall till the end of the year.


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