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Los Angeles Rams: The Spirit of SoCal Football

From the sun-kissed beaches to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, there's an unmistakable energy that pulsates through Southern California. Capturing this spirit on the gridiron are the Los Angeles Rams. With a rich history that traces back to 1937, this team has been the heartbeat of football enthusiasts in the city.

Whether they're making electrifying plays at SoFi Stadium or representing the City of Angels on away turf, the Rams are a testament to the passion and dedication of LA's sports community. As you consider catching a game live, delve into the world of the Rams and experience the thrills, spills, and unparalleled excitement they bring to every match. Get your tickets now and be part of this legendary journey!

Origins and Early Years

The story of the Los Angeles Rams dates back to 1936 when the franchise was originally established as the Cleveland Rams in the second American Football League. The team soon shifted to the National Football League (NFL) in 1937. In these early years, the Rams struggled to make their mark, but change was on the horizon.

The Big Move: From Cleveland to LA

In 1946, following a brief hiatus due to World War II and after securing their first NFL Championship, the Rams relocated to Los Angeles. This move was significant as the Rams became the first professional football team to be based on the West Coast. The shift also saw them breaking racial barriers by reintroducing African-American players to the NFL with the signings of Kenny Washington and Woody Strode.

Golden Era: The LA Rams of the 1950s and 60s

The 1950s and 60s were a period of growth for the Rams. Under the guidance of coaches like Sid Gillman and George Allen, they became a dominant force in the NFL. With stars such as Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, and Roman Gabriel, the Rams were consistently competitive, pioneering the "Fearsome Foursome" defensive line that became legendary in NFL lore.

The St. Louis Detour: A Time of Triumphs and Challenges

In 1995, the Rams moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in a decision that surprised many. Their time in St. Louis saw a mix of highs and lows. The pinnacle came in 1999 when, under coach Dick Vermeil and with players like Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk, the Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV in a thrilling victory over the Tennessee Titans.

Return to Los Angeles and Modern Successes

In 2016, the Rams made their much-anticipated return to Los Angeles. The move was welcomed by LA fans who had longed for their team's return. Under the leadership of young coach Sean McVay, the Rams experienced a resurgence. They reached Super Bowl LIII in 2019 and continued to be a formidable force in the NFC, with players like Aaron Donald and Jared Goff making headlines.

A Legacy of Passion and Perseverance

The journey of the Los Angeles Rams, from their establishment in Cleveland to their various moves and eventual return to LA, is a testament to the team's resilience and adaptability. Through ups and downs, championships, and challenges, the Rams have remained an integral part of the NFL's fabric. As they continue to write new chapters in their storied history, one thing is certain: the spirit of the Rams burns brighter than ever.

The 7 Greatest Los Angeles Rams Players in History

Deacon Jones (1961-1971)

David "Deacon" Jones was not only one of the most dominant defensive ends in NFL history but also coined the term "sack" for tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. A key member of the "Fearsome Foursome," Jones' speed, agility, and infamous "head slap" technique made him a nightmare for opposing offenses. His impact on the game is still felt today.

Eric Dickerson (1983-1987)

One of the most prolific running backs in NFL history, Eric Dickerson set a single-season rushing record in 1984 with 2,105 yards—a record that still stands today. Known for his unique upright running style and speed, Dickerson was the centerpiece of the Rams' offense during his tenure with the team.

Merlin Olsen (1962-1976)

Playing his entire 15-season NFL career with the Rams, Merlin Olsen was a 14-time Pro Bowler and a member of the "Fearsome Foursome." A dominant defensive tackle, Olsen's combination of size, strength, and skill set the standard for interior linemen for generations to come.

Jack Youngblood (1971-1984)

A testament to toughness and durability, Jack Youngblood played 202 consecutive games for the Rams and famously played through the 1979 playoffs, including the Super Bowl, with a fractured leg. A Hall of Fame defensive end, Youngblood was a seven-time Pro Bowler and is remembered as one of the toughest players in NFL history.

Marshall Faulk (1999-2005)

While he began his career with the Indianapolis Colts, Marshall Faulk found his greatest success with the St. Louis Rams. A key figure in the "Greatest Show on Turf," Faulk's versatility as a runner and receiver made him one of the most dynamic offensive weapons in league history. In 2000, he became the first player in NFL history to amass over 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards in a single season.

Isaac Bruce (1994-2007)

Isaac Bruce was one of the premier wide receivers of his era and a crucial part of the Rams' explosive offense in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Alongside Torry Holt, Bruce helped form one of the most potent receiving duos in NFL history. His game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIV remains one of the most iconic moments in Rams history.

Kurt Warner (1998-2003)

From stocking shelves in a grocery store to becoming a two-time NFL MVP, Kurt Warner's story is the stuff of legends. Taking over as the Rams' starting quarterback in 1999, Warner led the team to a Super Bowl victory in his first season as a starter. His quick release and accuracy made him the ideal quarterback for the "Greatest Show on Turf."

Each of these players left an indelible mark on the Rams franchise and the NFL as a whole. Their legacies continue to inspire new generations of players and fans alike.

The 7 Greatest Moments in Los Angeles Rams History

Super Bowl XXXIV Victory (2000)

The pinnacle of the Rams' history came in 2000 when the St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23-16 in Super Bowl XXXIV. The game's climax was heart-stopping: Titans' WR Kevin Dyson was tackled just one yard short of a potentially game-tying touchdown as time expired, securing the Rams' first-ever Super Bowl win.

"The Fearsome Foursome" Era (1960s)

While not a single moment, the dominance of the Rams' defensive line in the 1960s was a defining period for the franchise. With Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, Rosey Grier, and Lamar Lundy, the "Fearsome Foursome" became a legendary force in NFL history, establishing the Rams as a defensive powerhouse.

Eric Dickerson's Record-Breaking Season (1984)

In 1984, running back Eric Dickerson set the NFL single-season rushing record with 2,105 yards. This monumental feat remains unbeaten and cemented Dickerson's place as one of the game's all-time greats.

The Birth of "The Greatest Show on Turf" (1999)

With Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt leading the way, the Rams' offense of the late 1990s and early 2000s was one of the most explosive in NFL history. Their 1999 season was particularly special, as they led the league in scoring and displayed a brand of football that was exhilarating to watch.

Return to Los Angeles (2016)

After 21 years in St. Louis, the Rams returned to Los Angeles in 2016, marking a significant homecoming for the franchise. The move was celebrated by long-time LA fans and signified a new era for the team in the entertainment capital of the world.

NFC Championship Victory Over Saints (2019)

In a controversial and unforgettable game, the Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in overtime to win the NFC Championship in 2019. The game is notably remembered for a late no-call pass interference, but it secured the Rams' place in Super Bowl LIII.

Opening of SoFi Stadium (2020)

The Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers moved into the state-of-the-art SoFi Stadium in 2020. Located in Inglewood, this $5 billion project is the most expensive stadium ever built and offers a futuristic home for the Rams, replete with unparalleled amenities and a transparent roof. Its inauguration marked a new chapter for the franchise.

These moments, spanning from championship victories to iconic individual achievements, encapsulate the rich and storied history of the Los Angeles Rams, making them one of the NFL's most celebrated franchises.

Los Angeles Rams Rivalries: Battles on the Gridiron

The Los Angeles Rams, with their storied history, have cultivated intense rivalries over the years. These rivalries have brought memorable moments, fierce contests, and narratives that have shaped the NFL's landscape. Let's delve deep into some of these prominent rivalries:

San Francisco 49ers: The West Coast Duel

Arguably the Rams' fiercest rivalry, the battles with the 49ers date back to 1950. With both teams being part of the NFC West division, they face off at least twice annually, ensuring a regular dose of high-stakes football. Historically, games between these two have often determined playoff implications and division supremacy. The geographical proximity of Los Angeles and San Francisco, coupled with their cultural differences, only adds fuel to the fire. The rivalry has seen ups and downs for both teams, but the intensity never wavers.

Seattle Seahawks: Modern-Day Grudge

While the Seahawks entered the league later than the Rams, the rivalry has intensified, especially since the Seahawks moved to the NFC West in 2002. Both teams, being regular contenders for the divisional title in the 2010s and 2020s, have had numerous important clashes. The physical play of both teams and their passionate fan bases ensure that their matchups are always heated.

Dallas Cowboys: Playoff Adversaries

The Rams and the Cowboys have a storied playoff history, having faced each other in the postseason multiple times since the 1970s. While not divisional rivals, the frequency of their postseason meetings and the significance of those games have made this into a notable rivalry. Moments like the Rams' victory over the Cowboys in the 2018 Divisional Round have only added to this historic contention.

Arizona Cardinals: Divisional Dance

Another NFC West foe, the Cardinals, have had their fair share of tussles with the Rams. While this rivalry might not have the same historical intensity as some of the others, their regular divisional clashes ensure that there's no love lost between the two. As both teams have sought dominance in the division, their matchups have grown in significance, especially in recent years.

New Orleans Saints: Recent Resurgence

Though not traditional rivals, the Rams and Saints have had some critical games in recent years. Their 2018 NFC Championship game, which saw the Rams emerge victorious after a controversial non-call on a potential pass interference, has sparked new flames in this rivalry. Since that game, matchups between the Rams and Saints carry added weight and drama.

While rivalries often stem from divisional play and playoff implications, they are also built on memorable moments, close games, and historical narratives. For the Rams, their rivalries encapsulate all these elements, making their games some of the most awaited and watched in the NFL calendar.

SoFi Stadium: A Marvel of Modern Architecture and Entertainment

SoFi Stadium, located in Inglewood, California, is an architectural masterpiece and a testament to modern stadium design. Serving as the home for both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, this state-of-the-art facility is redefining the live sporting and entertainment experience.

History and Construction

The idea for a new stadium began to take shape when the Rams announced their return to Los Angeles from St. Louis. The project, initiated and financed by Rams' owner Stan Kroenke, was ambitious from the outset. Construction began in 2016, and by the time it was completed in 2020, the cost had soared to around $5 billion, making it the most expensive stadium ever built.

Design and Features

Capacity: SoFi Stadium boasts a seating capacity of approximately 70,000, which can expand up to 100,000 for major events like the Super Bowl.

Oculus Display: One of its most distinctive features is the double-sided Oculus, an oval-shaped, 4K video board that hangs from the roof, providing clear views from any seat in the stadium.

Roof: The stadium features a translucent, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof, which provides protection from the elements while still giving an outdoor feel. It's complemented by extensive open-air sections, ensuring proper ventilation.

Open-Air Design: The sides of the stadium are open, allowing for a natural breeze and integrating the indoor and outdoor experiences.

Lake: Surrounding the stadium is a man-made lake called Lake Park, which offers scenic views and serves as a gathering spot for fans before and after games.

Sustainability: Environmental sustainability was a key focus in its design. The stadium includes solar panels and captures rainwater to reduce its environmental footprint.

Events Beyond Football

While SoFi Stadium is the home for the Rams and Chargers, its purpose goes beyond NFL games. The stadium is designed to host a wide range of events:

Olympics: As Los Angeles prepares to host the 2028 Summer Olympics, SoFi Stadium will be a key venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Concerts and Festivals: With its state-of-the-art acoustics and facilities, it's an ideal venue for major concerts, festivals, and other large-scale events.

Soccer Matches and Other Sports: The design accommodates other sports, making it a versatile venue for various athletic events.

SoFi Stadium is more than just a venue for sporting events; it's a symbol of modern architectural marvel, sustainability, and multi-functionality. As the crown jewel of Inglewood, it stands as a beacon for the future of stadiums worldwide, setting a new standard for fan experience, luxury, and innovation.

Parking at SoFi Stadium: A Comprehensive Guide

SoFi Stadium, with its state-of-the-art design and expansive size, also offers a carefully planned and structured parking environment to accommodate the tens of thousands of fans and visitors. Ensuring smooth ingress, egress, and a pleasant pre-game experience is paramount. Here's a detailed look at parking at SoFi Stadium:

Parking Lots and Spaces

General Lots: SoFi Stadium boasts numerous general parking lots around the facility. These lots are designed to accommodate the bulk of the regular ticket holders and visitors.

VIP Parking: For premium ticket holders, VIP parking options are available. These spots are typically closer to the stadium entrances and may offer additional amenities, such as easier access to the stadium or dedicated lanes for faster exit after events.

ADA Parking: Accessibility is a priority at SoFi Stadium, and there are designated ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant parking spaces in all the main lots. These spaces are closer to entrance gates and are meant for fans with valid ADA placards or license plates.


Designated Areas: Tailgating is an integral part of the American sports culture. Specific lots or areas within lots at SoFi Stadium are designated for tailgating, allowing fans to set up grills, tents, and other tailgate essentials.

Rules and Regulations: While tailgating is encouraged, there are guidelines in place to ensure safety and respect for all fans. This might include restrictions on the type of grill you can use, the volume of music, or the consumption of alcohol.

Public Transportation and Ride-Sharing

Public Transport Access: For fans preferring not to drive, there are public transportation options that drop visitors close to the stadium, minimizing the need for parking.

Ride-Sharing: Designated zones for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are established to make pickups and drop-offs smoother. These zones ensure that those using ride-sharing services don't get caught in the general parking lot traffic.

Advanced Booking

For major events, it's recommended to book parking spots in advance. Advanced booking not only guarantees a spot but can also save money compared to purchasing parking on the day of the event.


Parking prices vary based on the event and the proximity of the lot to the stadium. Premium events like the Super Bowl or major concerts might have higher parking fees compared to regular-season games or other smaller events.

Security and Assistance

Safety is paramount at SoFi Stadium:

Security: All parking lots have security personnel present to ensure the safety of vehicles and fans.

Assistance: For fans facing car trouble, like a dead battery or locked-in keys, assistance is typically available in the form of service vehicles or stadium staff to help sort out minor issues.

Parking at SoFi Stadium is designed to be as efficient and fan-friendly as possible. Whether you're there for an NFL game, a concert, or any other event, understanding the parking landscape can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Always check the stadium's official website or event details for the most up-to-date parking information and any specific guidelines or restrictions for the event you're attending.

Los Angeles Rams Schedule

Football season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Los Angeles Rams will be Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns, held at the Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood in Inglewood. As of now, the last event, San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams (Date: TBD) is scheduled for 7-Jan-24 at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood Inglewood, CA Sun Dec 03 202303:30 AM
Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns SoFi Stadium Inglewood, CA Sun Dec 03 202301:25 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams Premium Tailgate Tent - Baltimore Baltimore, MD Sun Dec 10 202303:30 AM
Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore, MD Sun Dec 10 202301:00 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Washington Commanders Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood Inglewood, CA Sun Dec 17 202303:30 AM
Los Angeles Rams vs. Washington Commanders SoFi Stadium Inglewood, CA Sun Dec 17 202301:05 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood Inglewood, CA Thu Dec 21 202303:30 AM
Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints SoFi Stadium Inglewood, CA Thu Dec 21 202305:15 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams Premium Tailgate Tent - NY East Rutherford, NJ Sun Dec 31 202303:30 AM
New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ Sun Dec 31 202301:00 PM

Los Angeles Rams Ticket Prices

Los Angeles Rams ticket prices begin at $0. However, prices are subject to change depending on factors such as the event date, seat selection, and various other variables.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns Inglewood 3-Dec-23 $0 $0
Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns Inglewood 3-Dec-23 $234 $51
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams Baltimore 10-Dec-23 $0 $59
Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams Baltimore 10-Dec-23 $208 $59
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Washington Commanders Inglewood 17-Dec-23 $0 $0
Los Angeles Rams vs. Washington Commanders Inglewood 17-Dec-23 $205 $25
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints Inglewood 21-Dec-23 $0 $0
Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints Inglewood 21-Dec-23 $246 $49
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams East Rutherford 31-Dec-23 $0 $51
New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams East Rutherford 31-Dec-23 $161 $29

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Los Angeles Rams Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 4% discount on Los Angeles Rams tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Los Angeles Rams.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns, Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood, Inglewood, CA Event18 4% Sun Dec 03 2023 03:30 AM
Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns, SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA Event18 4% Sun Dec 03 2023 01:25 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams, Premium Tailgate Tent - Baltimore, Baltimore, MD Event18 4% Sun Dec 10 2023 03:30 AM
Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams, M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD Event18 4% Sun Dec 10 2023 01:00 PM
Premium Tailgates Game Day Party: Los Angeles Rams vs. Washington Commanders, Premium Tailgate Tent - Inglewood, Inglewood, CA Event18 4% Sun Dec 17 2023 03:30 AM


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