Fuerzabruta Tickets

Fuerzabruta Tickets

The Spanish titled for "Brute Force"and created by Diqui James, "Fuerzabruta" is akin in some respects to hugely popular, no-language-barrier works like "Stomp" and the Blue Man Group shows. Besides everything else, one gets to be the part of the experience too."Fuerzabruta," is the one, where you are expected to be a semi-active collaborator in the fanciful proceedings.

"Fuerzabruta," the new show from the Argentine creators, who also introduced a noteworthy and long-running "De La Guarda," is another entry in a dependable genre: theater for people who don't really like theater. Patrons are not required to think, feel or even sit down for this hour long sensory bath at the Daryl Roth Theater. Standing and gaping are all that is strictly necessary, although jumping up and down and dancing are intermittently encouraged.

For true enjoyment, a powerful affection for thumping techno music probably helps. A delight in being befogged by acrid smoke, blasted by bright lights and shuttled around in packs like cattle, there is also a session of public getting wet, to give them a real life experience.

"Stomp", "Jump", "Splat" and "Thwack" and many other extravaganzas at Cirque du Soleil, one can choose to be like a tired businessman and slump in the seat, doze until the house lights rise. To have real fun, one can have a pizza box stuffed with powder and confetti smashed over your head.

Frisky cast members are fabulous at repelling the attentions of those with tightly crossed arms, forbidding staring and the souls with glowering stiffness, as the usual treatment given to such souls are that they are grabbed by the shoulders, and insisted to join the jumping throngs. Thus, in a way, it is an enforced entertainment and a gripping way to ease out the tensions and worries of the world.

The show's central figure is a mysterious man in white who opens the proceedings walking on a giant treadmill rolled into the middle of the audience. The stroll turns into a jog, the jog into a desperate run. A shot rings out, blood spatters his shirt, and he falls to the ground. Of course the performers - and the hard-working stagehands scurrying about in the dark - do most of the heavy lifting. This figure lives to walk again, however, past bits of furniture tossed on the treadmill by assistants, past other performers who zip by and topple off, and through a series of cardboard walls that disintegrate as he smashes into them.

Critics claim their activities suggesting the indomitable human will in opposition to the destructive influences of our assaultive world. PacMan was also accused of the criticism of being a profound digital meditation on the human capacity for greed. But "Fuerzabruta" does not aspire to create meaning rather it gooses the senses through a series of mind-freak spectacles of variable originality and technical sophistication.

Also requiring sustained neck-craning is the aerial catfight performed on a giant circular curtain of a tin-foil-like substance that descends to the floor, surrounding the audience. "It's like being inside a giant Jiffy Pop,"

It is created by Diqui James with music provided by Gaby Kerpel; lighting by Edi Pampn and sound by Hernan Nupieri. Any theatrical performance is nearly impossible if it does not comply with the appropriate costumes.

In Fuerzabruta, costumes are designed by Andrea Mattio and automation designing is done by Alberto Figueiras. General coordinator Fabio D'Aquila and production manager Agustina James work in collaboration with technical director, Alejandro Garcia under the guidance of technical supervisor, Bradley Thompson and thus project a flabbergasting performance for their loyal audience who truly desire something beyond ordinary. The efforts put in by production stage manager, Jeff Benish and general manager, Laura Kirspel is never ignored. Presented by Concert Productions International, Fuerzabruta, has a set venue of Daryl Roth Theater in Manhattan, New York. Thus, with the spirit of bringing change in the theatre and to devise a revolutionary genre, Fuerzabruta have stepped in to revolutionize performing art.

Fuerzabruta Schedule

Some of the best theatre productions have released their schedules. Fuerzabruta will run at the venues from 9-Jul-24 until 31-Aug-24. Upcoming show will be staged at Roundhouse - London, London; whereas the last one will be held at the Roundhouse - London, London. For the complete list of dates and venues, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Tue Jul 09 202407:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Fri Jul 12 202405:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Fri Jul 12 202410:00 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Sat Jul 13 202401:00 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Sat Jul 13 202405:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Sun Jul 14 202403:00 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Tue Jul 16 202407:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Wed Jul 17 202407:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Thu Jul 18 202407:30 PM
Fuerza Bruta Roundhouse - London London, LND Fri Jul 19 202405:30 PM

Fuerzabruta Ticket Prices

Fuerzabruta ticket prices begin at $61. However, prices are subject to change depending on factors such as the event date, seat selection, and various other variables.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Fuerza Bruta London 9-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 12-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 12-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 13-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 13-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 14-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 16-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 17-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 18-Jul-24 $61 $61
Fuerza Bruta London 19-Jul-24 $61 $61

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I am looking at feurzabruta tickets, there are no seat numbers given. How will I know where my seats are located?

Seat numbers are never provided by brokers and you will need to wait until your tickets are shipped and arrived or you pick them up at will call. However, to get a better idea about seats, please check out our venue map given on the event page for Fuerzabruta.

I have just purchased fuerzabrta tickets and now wondering how do I check tickets delivery status?

By contacting the Fulfilling Broker (whose number is supplied to the customers during purchasing process) or calling our customer center at 866-861-4784. Our representative should be able to track delivery status of your Fuerzabruta tickets.

Can I just book one cheap ticket for fuerza bruta from here?

If the Fuerzabruta tickets are listed in even numbers (2, 4, 6) then you cannot buy just one ticket from that specific row or section. You can opt for other sections where tickets are either listed in odd numbers or in a series (1 to 8).

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What is your policy on fuerzaburta ticket exchange?

Tickets can not be exchanged once purchased (unless otherwise specifically stated in the listed ticket description). Or read our FAQs to learn about our policy on Ticket Exchange before buying Fuerzabruta Tickets.

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