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Reliant Stadium is one of the most popular venues in the country. If you plan on attending an event at this famous venue, then go through the Reliant Stadium Seating Chart. You can take a Virtual tour of the Reliant Stadium to get an interactive seat view. Go through the Reliant Stadium seating map, and check the Reliant Stadium parking prices, if available.

Reliant Stadium Seating Chart

NRG Stadium Tickets Related Questions

Who will play at NRG Stadium today?

No event is happening in NRG Stadium tonight.

How many seats are available in NRG Stadium?

The seating capacity of NRG Stadium is 8.

Can you buy event tickets at NRG Stadium?

Yes, you can buy tickets at NRG Stadium provided if they are available.

What are the best seats available at NRG Stadium?

Just like every other venue, there are different levels at NRG Stadium as well. The entire seating plan is available on our website, and you can book tickets for the section you like.

How many events are taking place at NRG Stadium this week?

You can check the complete list of events taking place at NRG Stadium this week and beyond by simply logging on to the venue’s page on our website.

Welcome to a journey through the architectural marvel and vibrant heart of Houston's sports and entertainment scene: the NRG Stadium. This iconic, state-of-the-art facility, nestled in the NRG Park complex, is not just a venue, but a symbol of the city's energy and passion for sports, concerts, and various events. Since its inception in 2002, the NRG Stadium has played host to countless unforgettable moments, from legendary football showdowns to world-class performances by renowned artists.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Seats at the NRG Stadium

Choosing the perfect seats at the NRG Stadium can greatly enhance your experience, whether you're attending a thrilling football game, concert, or other event. To make the most of your visit, consider the following factors when selecting your seats:

View and angle: Your seating location will determine your perspective of the action. Sideline seats typically offer a comprehensive view of the field or stage, while end zone or corner seats provide a more angled perspective. For concerts, being closer to the stage might offer a more immersive experience, but seats farther back can provide a better overall view of the performance.

Proximity to amenities: It's crucial to consider the location of restrooms, concessions, and other facilities when selecting your seats. Check the stadium map to find sections with easy access to these amenities for your convenience.

Budget: NRG Stadium offers a variety of seating options at different price points. While premium seats, such as club-level or lower bowl sections, can provide an enhanced experience, more budget-friendly options in the upper bowl can still offer a great view of the action.

Accessibility: If you or someone in your party has mobility limitations or requires special accommodations, make sure to consider wheelchair-accessible seating and other accommodations provided by the stadium. Contact the venue for further assistance in selecting the most suitable seats.

Weather: For events when the retractable roof is open, consider the potential impact of weather conditions, such as sunlight or rain. Seats under the overhang or in shaded sections can provide protection from the elements.

Atmosphere: The energy and ambiance in different sections can vary. If you want to be immersed in the most passionate fans' area, consider sitting near the home team's supporters. For a more relaxed atmosphere, choose a section with a family-friendly vibe or a more neutral location.

By taking these factors into account, you can select the ideal seats for your visit to the NRG Stadium and ensure a memorable experience.

Best Seats at the NRG Stadium

The "best seats" at the NRG Stadium largely depend on personal preferences and the type of event you're attending. However, certain sections are considered to be premium seating options and generally provide excellent sightlines, comfort, and amenities. Here are some of the top seating choices at the NRG Stadium:

Club Level: Club level seats (sections 309-314 and 329-334) offer an elevated viewing experience with wider, cushioned seats, access to exclusive club lounges, private restrooms, and premium food and beverage options. These seats provide a great balance of comfort, amenities, and view of the action.

Lower Bowl Sideline: Lower bowl sideline seats (sections 101-109 and 122-130) are highly sought after for their proximity to the field or stage and fantastic sightlines. You'll feel close to the action, making these some of the most desirable seats in the stadium, especially for football games.

Lower Bowl End Zone: Seats in the lower bowl end zone sections (110-121) provide an up-close view of touchdowns and other exciting plays. While the perspective may not be as comprehensive as sideline seats, the close proximity to the field makes these seats highly desirable.

Upper Bowl Sideline: For budget-conscious fans who still want a great view, upper bowl sideline sections (501-513 and 535-547) offer a more affordable option without sacrificing too much on sightlines. While you'll be farther away from the action, the elevated perspective can provide an excellent overall view of the field or stage.

Suites and Loge Boxes: For a more exclusive experience, consider booking a luxury suite or loge box. These options offer private seating, upscale amenities, and panoramic views of the event. While they come at a higher price point, the added comfort and privacy may be worth the investment for some attendees.

Ultimately, the best seats at the NRG Stadium depend on the type of event, your budget, and personal preferences. Keep these factors in mind to select the perfect seats for your visit.

NRG Stadium – The Upcoming Events

  • Houston Texans games.
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup games.
  • Jurassic World Live Tour.
  • College Football Playoff National Championship.
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Places to Stay Near the NRG Stadium

There are several accommodation options near the NRG Stadium to suit a variety of budgets and preferences. Here are some popular hotels located within close proximity to the stadium:

Holiday Inn Houston S - NRG Area - Medical Center: This hotel is located within walking distance of the NRG Stadium and offers comfortable rooms, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center: A short drive from the stadium, this upscale hotel offers spacious rooms and suites, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. It's an excellent choice if you're also planning to visit the Texas Medical Center or Rice University.

Hotel Ylem: This boutique hotel is situated near the NRG Stadium and features stylish rooms, a fitness center, and a bar. It is also conveniently located near the METRORail, making it easy to explore other parts of Houston.

Courtyard by Marriott Houston Medical Center/NRG Park: This hotel offers modern accommodations, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an on-site bistro. It's also just a short drive or a METRORail ride away from the stadium.

Residence Inn by Marriott Houston Medical Center/NRG Park: Ideal for longer stays, this all-suite hotel features fully-equipped kitchens, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a complimentary breakfast buffet. It's located within a short driving distance of the stadium.

Hampton Inn & Suites Houston-Medical Center-NRG Park: This hotel offers comfortable rooms and suites, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a complimentary breakfast. It's located within a short drive of the NRG Stadium and other attractions in the area.

While these hotels are conveniently located near the NRG Stadium, there are many other accommodation options in Houston. You can explore additional hotels in the downtown area or near popular attractions such as the Museum District, Galleria, or the Houston Zoo. Using public transportation, such as the METRORail, can help you access the stadium and other attractions from various parts of the city.

Entrances at the NRG Stadium

There are multiple entrances at the NRG Stadium to facilitate smooth and efficient entry for guests attending events. The main entrances are as follows:

Bud Light Plaza: Located on the northwest side of the stadium, the Bud Light Plaza serves as a primary entrance and outdoor fan zone. This entrance features pre-game activities, live music, and food and beverage options.

Amegy Bank Gate: Situated on the northeast side of the stadium, the Amegy Bank Gate provides access to the 100-level concourse, as well as the Verizon Club and Directors Club.

Ford Gate: Located on the southeast side, the Ford Gate grants entry to the 100-level concourse and is typically used by fans with parking passes for the Blue Lot or the Orange Lot.

BHP Gate: Positioned on the southwest side, the BHP Gate provides access to the 100-level concourse and is often used by fans with parking passes for the Green Lot.

Super Bowl Champions Club Entrance: This exclusive entrance is reserved for Club Seat Members and Suite Ticket Holders, granting direct access to the club level.

In addition to these main entrances, there are also various ramps and escalators located throughout the stadium for access to the upper levels. To ensure a smooth entry process, review your event ticket for information about the recommended entrance and arrive early to allow for potential wait times.

Facilities for the Disabled

Accessible Seating: NRG Stadium provides wheelchair-accessible seating and companion seating in various sections throughout the stadium. These seats are available for purchase through the NRG Stadium box office or authorized ticket sellers.

Accessible Entrances: All entrance gates at the stadium are accessible for guests with disabilities. There are also ramps and elevators available throughout the stadium to facilitate easy access to different levels.

Accessible Parking: Designated accessible parking spaces are available in various parking lots surrounding the stadium. A valid state-issued disabled parking permit or license plate is required to use these spaces. Accessible parking is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Assisted Listening Devices: Guests with hearing impairments can request assisted listening devices at the NRG Stadium Guest Services locations. These devices are provided free of charge, but a valid ID is required as a deposit.

Service Animals: Trained service animals are permitted inside the stadium to assist guests with disabilities. Emotional support animals, therapy animals, and companion animals are not allowed. Guests with service animals should notify the stadium staff upon arrival to ensure proper accommodations.

Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are available throughout the stadium on all concourse levels. Family restrooms, which can also accommodate guests with disabilities, are located in various sections.

Family/Companion Restrooms: Family restrooms, which can accommodate guests with disabilities, are located throughout the stadium.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, it is recommended to contact the NRG Stadium directly prior to your visit. The stadium staff is dedicated to ensuring that all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Food and Drinks Options

NRG Stadium offers a wide variety of food and drink options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. While specific offerings may vary depending on the event, you can expect to find classic stadium fare alongside local Houston favorites and international cuisine. Here are some general categories of food and drink options you can find at the stadium:

Classic Stadium Fare: Enjoy traditional stadium favorites such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, pretzels, popcorn, and fries at various concession stands throughout the stadium.

BBQ: Texas is known for its barbecue, and NRG Stadium serves up mouthwatering BBQ options, including pulled pork, brisket, and smoked sausage.

Tex-Mex: Indulge in the flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine with offerings such as tacos, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas available at select stands.

Pizza: Satisfy your pizza cravings with a variety of options, including cheese, pepperoni, and specialty toppings.

International Cuisine: NRG Stadium also features a selection of international cuisine, such as Asian-inspired dishes, Mediterranean fare, and more.

Snacks and Sweets: For those looking for a sweet treat or a light snack, you'll find options like ice cream, cookies, candy, and other dessert offerings throughout the stadium.

Beverages: Stay hydrated with a range of beverage options, including soft drinks, bottled water, sports drinks, and a variety of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and cocktails.

Specialty and Local Food Options: NRG Stadium often features local Houston food vendors and specialty items, providing unique culinary experiences for guests.

Please note that food and drink options may vary based on the event and time of the year. It's also essential to consider that outside food and beverages are typically not allowed inside the stadium. Be prepared to purchase refreshments from the available concession stands during your visit.

Parking at the NRG Stadium

Parking at the NRG Stadium is organized across several designated lots to accommodate the needs of event attendees. Here's what you need to know about parking at the stadium:

Parking Lots: NRG Stadium offers numerous parking lots surrounding the stadium, including the Blue, Green, Orange, Maroon, Yellow, and Platinum Lots. Each lot is color-coded and may have different access points and costs associated with them.

Parking Passes: For most events, it is recommended to pre-purchase a parking pass to guarantee a spot and streamline the parking process. Parking passes can be purchased through the NRG Park website, the event organizer's website, or authorized ticket sellers. Parking fees and availability may vary depending on the event.

Disabled Parking: Accessible parking spaces are available in various lots for guests with disabilities. A valid state-issued disabled parking permit or license plate is required. These spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tailgating: Tailgating is permitted in designated areas within the parking lots for specific events, such as football games. Be sure to review the stadium's tailgating policies and guidelines if you plan to participate in this pre-event tradition.

Public Transportation: If you prefer not to drive, consider using public transportation to reach the stadium. The METRORail Red Line has a stop at the Stadium Park/Astrodome Station, which is just a short walk from NRG Stadium. This option can help you avoid traffic and parking fees.

Ridesharing: Ridesharing services are popular alternatives to driving and parking at the stadium. Designated pick-up and drop-off areas are usually available to facilitate a smooth rideshare experience.

Keep in mind that parking policies and fees may vary depending on the event, so it's essential to review the specific details for the occasion you plan to attend.

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