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The industrial rockers from Germany are all in motion to enter the American soil. Make way for these foreign artists as they have come a long way just for your entertainment. They first rose to fame at the tail end of the 1990's for their single, "Du Hast." This single really got things going for these rockers as they soon managed to rock the US radio stations as well. The overall effect of the song did wonders for Rammstein band as they won solidarity in the hard rock and alternative world. Rammstein tickets are hard to find so consider yourself lucky that you have find some of the best deals on Rammstein Las Vegas Tickets from here.


There have been no line up changes in the band which makes it a rare case. Their line-up includes Christian Lorenz on keyboard samples, Tim Lindermann as the lead singer, on the drums they have Christoph Schneider., Richard Z. Kruspe is the lead guitarist. On the rhythm guitar, they have Paul H. Landers and Oliver Riedel is on bass. Originally the group was a four piece band but it grew with the passage of time and the unit completed in 1994. The type of hard rock they played was epitomized by Kiss. Today they have shifted their style. Today it is rock driven by guitars and machines. If you happen to be one of their many fans in the US then grab your Rammstein Las Vegas Tickets now!

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